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Style Icons: Childish Gambino

Leading our Lads on Tour trend, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) has been killing the fun male style game for years. Without pretension or preppiness, Glover combines silly with suave to make a unique look all his own. Check out three necessary items you need to emulate the musical, television and writing genius' wardrobe. Absolute staples for a summer wardrobe that is more than swimming trunks and a t-shirt.

From bold Hawaiian prints to snazzy silk numbers, Glover keeps his shirt wardrobe so much more varied than your basic flannel and block colour numbers. Luckily, We Are Cow is chock full of killer shirts to give your outfit a boost and wear open over your summer bod.


Go bold or go toned down, these two shirts are the opposite of each other but still tie into Glover's statement shirt style rule. Go for a bold pattern or bright print (or both) - whichever also ties in to your own taste levels.

"I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Kanye!" is one of our favourite Ye lyrics, but the reign of rocking the polo shirt has long since been passed over to Donald Glover. A polo doesn't have to make it look like ya just finished primary school, style it well and you'll look cooler than being cool. (Ice cold.)


Both big branded bad boys, the logos on these polo tops prove that you're investing in your style rather than wearing a Maccies uniform. Go for a stripe or a block colour, either way you'll be on your way to gettin' that Gambino look.

If ya thought you could ever be too old for shorts - you're wrong. Gambino kills them on the casual and front row at the runway show, proving that quality shorts should be a staple of any man's wardrobe.


To the untrained eye, these shorts are the same. But the subtle differences in colour, fit and of course branding makes them worlds apart. Pick your favourite type of denim, but a great pair of shorts will go with anything in your wardrobe to transform it into an instantly more Ibiza appropriate look.