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Cow's Costume Guide

We're back again to prove ya don't need to waste money on a packet costume made of plastic. These six looks have been put together with vintage garms from our site and creative use of ketchup and felt tip. Buy clothes you'll want to wear again after Halloween is done and stand out on the night with a unique costume nobody else will have.

It's not a yellow plaid skirt suit, but Lizzie posed the hell out of this LRD (little red dress) to emulate the Clueless promo poster. Perfect for a group costume with the gals or representing the 90's classic all on your own, this is a costume that you'll look beautiful in all night.

Buy the red halter dress here.

A cult classic, Moonrise Kingdom's iconic looks are perfect for the people who recognise 'em and if they don't? This is a perfectly fun boy scouts costume.

Buy the khaki shirt here.

Making the costume a little bit more obvious, we used an orange jumpsuit to rep the Netflix show's name, Orange is the New Black. Apply this jumpsuit to whichever character ya look most like and have the comfiest look at the party.

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A stand out costume for the past two years, all ya need is a pink dress and a blue jacket to pull this one off (and a little bit of ketchup for the nose bleed.)

Shop the pink dress here.

Another iconic Wes Anderson costume that leaves you with a sick outfit after October 31st. Invest in a winter coat that will win you the best indie costume of the night.

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We shot this before Rita Ora hit the red carpet last week, get your baggiest branded look on and scrawl some Sharpie on your face to get the authentic Post Malone look.

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