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It's A Look! Cow Customer Style


If you shop at Cow Vintage, it's likely that you have some pretty killer style which is why we're introducing a blog post specifically catered to bigging up our favourite babes that come through the doors and tag us online in their best Cow outfits. In the first installment of It's A Look! Cow Customer Style we're highlighting the best of the best people who made it to our Club Tropicana Freshers Fest event at Cow Manchester.

As well as showing off how fresh our customers' clothes are, we're recommending you similar items so you can cop their style for yourselves. Be that an obvious 1977 original punk rock look or a bad and bougie feel, we've got ya covered.


Pairing even the most basic of items - jeans and a vest, dungarees and a jumper - can lead to a more authentic alternative look than splashing the cash on high end bondage trousers. It's all about the accessories and your attitude, as exemplified by the killer duo above.


>> Yellow Turtleneck <<     &     >> Black Dungarees <<

Almost item for item, we've recreated this look for ya. All you need is to lace up your Doc Martens with matching yellow laces.



Sportswear looks that definitely aren't for jogging about in a slight drizzle, this layered tee combined with classic joggers makes for a bang on trend look.


>> Jordan Joggers <<     &     >> Champion Vest <<

These white track pants will fulfil all your Space Jam dreams from childhood! Pair it with a long sleeve white tee and this one off Champion vest for the perfect monotone layered look.



If you ever hear anyone mocking double denim - also known as a Canadian tuxedo - show them this picture to prove 'em wrong. Double denim is a certified Look and luckily, it's not too hard to pull together either.


>> Moschino Jacket <<     &     >> ESCO Jeans <<

By wearing mismatched colours of denim you can ease yourself into the Canadian tux look, as the different shades break up the look but stay true to the double denim dream.



Most people would save their brighter colours for their top halves, but wearing coloured pants is an easy way to stand out in a sea of black jeans.


>> Green Trousers <<     &     >> Leather Jacket <<

Is there any coat more classic than a black leather biker jacket? Short answer: No. Long answer: Still no. Rock this coat with absolutely any outfit and be the coolest person in the process.



All three of these babes have one feature item in their outfit to make themselves and their style stand out: Check pants, a leather coat and a coloured comfy sweater. Don't be scared of colour - Incorporate key patterned or colour pieces into a monochrome outfit for prime use of shocking shades and styles.


>> Leather Patchwork Coat <<     &     >> Plaid Trousers <<     &     >> Flag Jumper <<

One for each of our killer trio: A statement leather coat, on trend plaid pants and an oversized sweater that will keep you as comfortable as it does cool.



These glittery pants stopped everyone dead in their tracks and while they seem like a once in a lifetime find - we have some sparkly green trousers that will give exactly the same effect as these stellar trousers.


>> Glitter Trousers <<     &     >> Leather Jacket << 

You asked and we delivered, here's some sparkly green trousers. With a bonus tasselled leather jacket that will take the entire look to a whole new level of fabulousness.



A classic masculine look that brings around the Canadian Tuxedo we talked about earlier to a different gender. By pairing black denim with blue, it's not even that noticeably double denim.


>>Levi's Jacket <<     &     >> Ralph Lauren Jeans << 

Be brave - invest in great denim and don't just make the investment, but rock 'em together for a look that is never off trend.

This is a whole bunch of totally different styles, shown that when it comes down to it, they aren't actually that hard to replicate. Ditch the fast fashion lifestyle and invest in versatile vintage that you can interpret into any look.