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Style Icons: Chloe Sevigny

The original It Girl, Chloe Sevigny stormed the 90's with her skills as actress and model, while stalking the streets of New York in an effortless style and aloof vibe. If you didn't want to be her, you wanted to borrow her wardrobe. With Sevigny continuing to kill it as a fashion icon even now, her 90's style is still one that we all wish we could cultivate.

Check out our curation of clothes to suit every Sevigny mood, with an explanation on how to achieve the ultimate in effortlessness.

Being one of those people who can pull off anything, Sevigny explored freely into extravagance and maximalism with her wardrobe. Why wear one statement piece when you can wear two? These clashes can be carefully put together to make it look like you just threw on whatever.


We've got the animal print and the sequins ya need to bring in a 2018 version of Sevigny's tiger tights. Layer up with a shirt, tie it around your waist or even hang it off one shoulder for that flash of pattern on an already busy (but not overcrowded) look.

Flitting between long haired feminine and bowl cut butch, Sevigny switches between gendered clothing comfortably and sometimes the most stunning look of the night isn't a gown - but a suit. Pop a bit of the 80's into your wardrobe with an oversized blazer to cover ya up when you're wearing barely anything else.


Be it a pattern or a block colour, we're building up a back catalogue of the best blazers you could never find on the high street. Invest in vintage that lasts so ya can wear the blazer trend whenever it comes back in fashion.

A killer look in the 90's and a killer look now, sportswear for the club is never going to leave the fashion scene. With Sevigny hanging out with underground brands and bringing their styles to the forefront, she ensured her looks were one of a kind. Be sure you don't fall into a trap of wearing the same athleisure looks as someone else by buying vintage.


Our reworked co-ords are handmade by our UK teams from vintage sportswear into one of a kind sets. We're making sure to keep our branded bits as fresh as possible by updating rework styles all the time.