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Style It Out: Myopia

Our forward thinking winter campaign Myopia is all about reusing and recycling vintage garments and materials to make fashion that lasts. We're bigging up the eCow promise and sharing the best bits of curated vintage to keep ya looking icy all winter. Check out how we styled big brands with some killer pieces for one of the freshest outfits in Myopia.


Aiming for opposite shades on the colour wheel, our womenswear stylist Melissa Murphy colourblocked with orange and blue for a bold look that will stand out in any winter wardrobe. Instead of leaving this Versace jacket to be the only focal point, we paired with bright orange pants to make a look that leaves a hell of an impression.


Colour clashing was the aim for our Myopia gyal, but for menswear Ro Breen wanted to match pants to top perfectly. A touch of sportswear paired with garish golf pants that throws it back to the noughties in yellow and blue.