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WE ARE COW LOVES... The Happy Newspaper

We stumbled across this bubbly bright section of the internet and fell instantly in love! It feels like, more than ever right now, we could all do with some positivity spreading and some GOOD NEWS - which is exactly what The Happy Newspaper does! Set up by the wonderful Emily Coxhead only last year, The Happy Newspaper is a brilliant respite to (what feels like) the constant bad news reported to us daily! It's described, in Emily's own words... "The Happy Newspaper celebrates all that’s good in the world; a platform to share positive news and wonderful people."


We caught up with Emily to ask her a few questions about her inspirations and motivations for the newspaper and her work!




Hi Emily! Could you tell us what your motivation was for starting the Happy Newspaper? What was the final decision maker?

I had already begun creating different 'happy things' to try to help people going through difficult times in the lead up to Christmas - I had been going through a difficult time myself after I graduated and as I started to create these little pieces of happiness I realised just HOW many people there are who are dealing with troubles every single day, from tiny almost insignificant things to huge, life-changing things. I guess I thought if I can help in the smallest way possible, through my scribbled notes and drawings - Then that would be the most magic thing in the world. On the flip side around this time we were seeing all kinds of sadness and terror in the news and media, it was around the time of the Paris attacks (both at the beginning and end of the year!) and the refugee crisis. Through all of this fear and heartbreak I was still trying to find the good; strangers opening up their homes to help others, communities coming together to provide shelter and food, people donating blood - and a million other things... But none of this was documented in the 'mainstream news' and although I understand why, I still don't agree with it. So, I went on a little mission and thought that as it got to the end of 2015, which seemed to have been a particularly bad year for news at the time (although it seems to have gone from bad to worse this year!) I would create a newspaper full of all the good stuff that had happened throughout the whole of 2015. It turns out there was/is SO much positive news and so many wonderful people in this world that it filled my heart with all kinds of love and I knew that it would have the same effect on others too. We get so brainwashed by what we see on the news and social media that people genuinely don't think there's much good out there, so I made it my job to restore a few people's faith in humanity and shed a bit of light on this funny old world.

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You had an amazing response for your Kickstarter campaign, did you have any idea how much of a hit it would be? No, not at all! I was pretty terrified about launching the Kickstarter, but at the same time there wasn't going to be too much lost if it didn't reach the target. I only set it at £500, and although I was told by sensible/businessy people that that wasn't enough to set up anything - I wasn't doing it for the money, I was doing it for all the reasons mentioned above and I thought at least if it does reach the target I'll be able to produce this one issue and get a few hundred copies printed. I ended up having 3,000 copies of the first issue printed! Giving most of them away for free in hospitals/care homes and anywhere else that needed a little lift (thanks to some extra funding from Lindt!)


Emily's tiny office

What would your dream goal with the newspaper be? I think the dream would be to see it sat next to standard newspapers in newsagents, or at least in a few more shops, or to have funding to give it out for free absolutely everywhere. I think basically just making it more accessible for people, and giving people an alternative to what we currently know as 'news'. I'm not trying to cover up the bad or make it out like there isn't horrendous things going on in the world - Because there is, and always will be - But why does that mean we shouldn't know about all the amazing changes and really inspiring people doing their absolute best to make this world a better place... They should be celebrated just as much (if not more) than anyone else!

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We love all your other, personal, work too! It seems like your general work ethos is essentially 'The Happy Newspaper' - do you think your work style reflects you as a person? (eep thank you!) I won 'biggest smile' award when I left high school and I felt I had to live up to that title - Ha! I actually did, but all joking aside... Yes definitely, I graduated from university in 2014 and after 17 years of education I didn't want to try to be somebody I'm not or try to fit in to a brand/agency which wasn't quite 'me'. I'm basically being me for a living and it's the best ever, but personally I think that's what being a 'creative' is all about - If you're being told what to do or guided too much in a different direction it kind of defeats the whole object, you may as well be doing the job of the person telling you what to do (who is probably getting paid way more, no offence but we all know creative jobs aren't always the best paid jobs in the world).

Do you have any other projects on the go at the minute? I'm currently working on two huge things but haven't told anybody because I'm scared to jinx it - So that's all under wraps for now! I'm always working on new ideas for stuff in my shop and currently working on issue four of The Happy Newspaper (which seems completely ridiculous! Seeing as it was originally going to be a one off/annual thing) - There's a theme for each issue, the next issue (out September) is going to be 'unity' - I think the whole world needs more of that right now.

Thanks so much for your time Emily!

Make sure you check out The Happy Newspaper and Emily's website & Instagram for your dose of happiness today!