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Our eCOW Promise


Sustainability is the hot take of the minute, with every brand scrambling to find a way that their product fits in with an eco friendly message. We Are Cow doesn’t have to do that: Being ethical has always been at the forefront of our business.


That doesn’t just stop with sourcing and selling vintage clothing - a form of recycling before we were ever worried about recycling - but with creating our own garments in the UK from salvaged materials and vintage pieces past their prime.



The energy used in creating and shipping fast fashion accounts for 10% OF CARBON EMISSIONS GLOBALLY. This energy then goes to waste, because in cities like Hong Kong, residents throw away the equivalent of 1,400 t-shirts every minute. These synthetic materials then take thousands of years to decompose.


By investing in quality pieces - vintage and reworked items - you’re less likely to throw away your clothing as soon as a new season hits. When fabric and garments have stood the test of time, made its way to our site and our shop floors, you’re sure to know it’s going to last you so much longer than one season. By reworking vintage into new styles, you don’t have to sacrifice your style for the planet.